Furniture Retailer - Case study 
work in progress- first draft


Rachel works as an executive at an international medical device company. She earns a salary of $120,000 per year. Her home is in Austin, Texas. She has children in college
She is price-conscious as well as style-conscious

She is updating the furniture at her four-bedroom house. Now that her kids have moved out, her house is being renovated. She likes bright, fresh and earthy colors and gravitates toward a Scandinavian style

Whenever she is in need of design inspiration, she browses style guides online and uses Pinterest
The logo's design and meaning define the furniture store as a contemporary, clean, and nature-based company
The Website design sticks to a contemporary aesthetic of clean minimal style
The colors are warm and natural  to keep clients comfortable and relaxed while they explore their furnishings 
A Pinterest like carousel is included to give customers ideas of decor they can purchase together to complete the aesthetic they hope to achieve
Website Mockup

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